Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Art Fundraising Auctions

Another art related response to the migration crisis was recently launched in shape of a new art fundraising auction website, Aiming to help volunteer and civil initiatives that are helping refugees in Eastern Europe, this website is offering an impressive collection of original and rare edition artworks donated directly by the artists.
Including works by Ernest Zacharevic, Escif, Pez, Ella & Pitr, Sepe, Icy & Sot, Marco Wagner, Bezt from Etam Cru, Huskmitnavn and more, the website offers guilt free purchase for collectors and a quick and effective canal for artists and other collectors to help the cause. Focused on primarily supporting the charity efforts on so called "Balkan route", the idea of the project is to extend their activity with time.
Check out some of the original works offer on at the moment, and follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook for further info and updates.

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