Saturday, November 07, 2015

Coverage: "Hue Mural Festival" in Houston, Texas.

Earlier this month we were in Houston during the Hue Mural Festival and caught up with west coast based artist Risk, and Amsterdam based artists The London Police as they painted their murals and partied hard in the city. The festival brought artists together from all over the world into an area of downtown Houston that wasn't used to having murals. Lots of curious people came by to watch and check out the production of the murals as they were eager to see who came into their town to paint. 
Sadly we departed before the end of the festival but check out the other murals we saw by Pez, Cope2, Maxx Moses, Studio FPLO, and Ana Maria.

Risk & Gonzo (organizer of Hue Mural Festival)

Chaz of The London Police 

Studio FPLO

Max Moses



Pez, Ana Marietta, The London Police

Photos by Birdman


  1. GREAT MOMENT ! Thanks Hue Mural and Street Art News !