Friday, August 14, 2015

"Kim Kardashian naked along with Jesus" Swedish artist Herr Nilsson takes New York

Kim Kardashian’s oily naked back is painted on a brick wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her head is replaced by Jesus Christ’s, looking up to the sky with prayerful eyes. Empire State Building is towering in the background. Swedish street artist Herr Nilsson is in New York and has pasted four new paintings on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
   ”I’m juxtaposing iconic characters and symbols from pop culture and history to create new strong meanings in conjunction to what I would like to communicate. For me the painting ’#jesus #kimkardashian’ is a concentrate from the mix of our human physical and material ideals meeting the the need for meaning of life.””Most people laugh but some say I will go to hell. If that’s because I have insulted Jesus or Kim has been left unsaid. But the reactions are good, they are a big part of the final art piece.”
Herr Nilsson is best known for characteristic black humor street art in Stockholm. Nilsson’s most widely recognized paintings has been ’the Dark Princesses’ where Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are depicted cheerfully waiting in dark street corners, armed with guns and knifes, for their unsuspecting victims.
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