Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Martyrdom Of Saint-Cecilia", a piece by Basik in Mutonia, Italy

Basik just sent us some images from his newest piece which took place somewhere in the city of Mutonia in Italy for the Vertigo Truth project.
The painting features a frontal tribute of Stefano Maderno's sculpture, the "Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia", a noble roman woman and early martyr which later became titled as protector of musicians; it's followed by a branch resembling a natural diapason, with the Phylosophical pitch value by its side.
On the side a seven-pointed stars that thinly wants to remind the seven chords of Orpheus' lyra, used by the 'first of all artists' to charm every living thing. 
Take a look at an high-res gallery after the jump and then stick with us for more street art updates from Italy.

Pictures by Marco Montanari

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