Monday, July 20, 2015

Jean-Michel Ouvry paints "C'est une maison bleue" in Vodnnjan, Croatia

Jean-Michel Ouvry, a French illustrator and graphic designer, recently spent few days painting a mural in Vodnjan, Croatia for the ongoing Boombarstick Street Art festival. Spending a couple of days on his scaffold, the French artist painted this distinctive piece titled "C'est Une Maison Bleue".
While he's a primarily designer,  Jean-Michel Ouvry has an odd, yet, strong style as an escape from the ordinary world. His illustrative style works are depicting weird, often complex stories with a touch of humor and poetry, and this piece is no exception. By using minimalist color palette and inverted line work vs fill in color scheme, the complex image is including caricature-like characters along with typography. By mixing such elements, he achieved a bizarre parody-tribute to vintage art portrayed with a contemporary twisted mood.
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