Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brent Smith paints a mural at the Westfield Miranda Rooftop in Sydney

Australian designer, artist, illustrator, muralist, pattern maker, and art director Brent Smith, recently spent few days working on a rooftop mural @ Westfield Miranda in Sydney. Featuring signature elements from his work, he created this wicked colorful mural adding some warmth to the cold winter Sydney days and nights.
Spending couple of day on a chairlift Brent aka Biffy Brentano used mostly spraycans to paint this vivid piece. Including patterns, comic elements, typography and familiar imagery such as plants, fruits, waves, etc, the piece definitely adds a new spirit to the former sterile rooftop. By addition of grey and dark tones the artist managed to blend the piece with the dull concrete environment making it nicely pop out from all the greyness.
Check out more progress images as well as time lapse video made by Chuck Edgeworth, and come back soon for more street and rooftop art news from around the globe.

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