Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Video: ALTrove Festival Coverage by Blind Eye Factory

Our friends Blind Eye Factory were appointed by the ALTrove Festival to create a series of new videos covering the latest murals.
It's possible to wonder about the concept of urban areas by means of abstractism and this is exactly the concept of Second edition of Alt!rove street art festival called Abstractism-space>place. This starts from a deepened artistic research which brings out balances, distances, extensions and forms's clearness. It's possible to rethink new arrangements, actions and concepts to give back humanity to an unnatural landscape.
The imageries that 108, Alberonero, Giorgio Bartocci, Clemens Behr, Ciredz, Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Sbagliato, Sten Lex and Tellas, represent refer to a peripheral, neglected and postindustrial background, shifting the focus on natural elements, and spiritual creatures of habits, according to the power of the avant-gard movements of modern history.
Hit the jump to check out these brilliant videos and as usual stick with your friends at StreetArtNews for more updates from the streets of Italy.

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