Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cranio unveils a new mural on the streets of East London

Cranio is one of the many artists who returns every year to paint on the streets of London. His work is instantly recognizable  His blue characters represent the indigenous people of Brazil where he hails from and they often tackle socio-political issues like mindless consumerism and our obsession as a society with wealth. He painted on the side of the Kinkao Thai restaurant off Brick Lane in London - a spot he paints every time he visits the city. This painting features a big blue character who has birds emerging from his body to chase dollar bills, an expensive watch and it has a smart phone attached to bis belt contrasting the untainted tribal character with modern day objects.
Continue reading for more detailed images on this artwork and then check back with us soon for the latest updates from London.

Article and pictures by monoprixx for Street Art News

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