Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deih unveils a new piece on the streets of Valencia, Spain

Deih is currently back in his hometown of Valencia in Spain where he just finished working on a brand new piece.
This comic-style mural is based on a text from Jezabel Seijas which talks about "The Other" and how we can understand each other better.
"We are seen. Above us a massive eye witnessing our movements. casting its gaze as a shadow over us, persistent. 
We learn how to keep this eye in a distance. As we keep on creating, we come to understand the layers it's made out of.
The eye in its alien dimension: its fundamental weirdness, strangeness.
And we draw. And we write. We do something with this.
Hit the jump for a closer look at this artwork and as usual check back with us soon for more mural updates from Europe.

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