Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coverage - Joe Iurato's solo show "Outside Looking In" at CUSP Gallery, NYC

Joe Iurato is best known for his specific placement of painted wood cut-outs based on his children's escapades.  These whimsical pieces of wood have been spotted all over NYC and NJ during the past couple years.  Further, Iurato has seamlessly transferred these images from wood-cuts to street murals for organizations such as the Bushwick Collective.  Unlike Joe's shows in the past, this solo gallery exhibition featured not only his trademark wood cut-outs, but additionally added a twist by taking photos of the cut-outs placed around NYC as if they were real people.

CUSP Gallery describes Iurato's work best:
"Each photograph serves as a window into a narrative formed by the relationship of the placed wood cutout to its surrounding environment. The physical installation of each piece is documented in these images. These works highlight the potential for playful interaction and storytelling within our everyday environment, transforming common cityscapes into carefully crafted scenes."
This show clearly demonstrates the versatility of Joe's work.  His cut-outs and imagery translate seamlessly from giant mural, to wood-cut, and further to photographs.  Attendees at the opening enjoyed margaritas while chatting about which mischievous cut-out was their favorite.
Joe Iurato's Solo exhibition "Outside Looking In" will run until May 15th at CUSP Gallery in NYC (466 Washington Street).  Head over and pick up one of the few remaining cut-outs or photo's which didn't sell at the opening reception.

Author: Matthew A. Eller   
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