Friday, April 10, 2015

Clemens Behr creates a new mural in Catanzaro, Italy

Clemens Behr is currently in Italy where he was invited by the ALT!rove - Street Art Festival to paint a new piece on the streets of Catanzaro.
Behr is currently based in Berlin, but travels consistently, leaving amazing installations and murals wherever he goes. He creates sculpturally inspired installations in both public and interior environments, utilising found recycled ephemera as well as basic building materials. His abstract installations, composed of cardboard, wood, paint, tape and found materials, often result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects.
Giving a new life to forgotten buildings and structure that don’t get on well with a new, modern kind of landscape>> Abstractism - space>place ALT!rove - Street Art Festival, focuses on this: make people think about a new way of living city and urban places.
Continue reading for more detailed images and check back with us soon for more mural updates from Italy.

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