Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BomK "Aérotik" Limited Edition Sculptures

Bom.K, one of the members of the infamous DMV crew, recently announced the upcoming release of his limited edition figures. Based on his familiar character designs, Aérotik sculptures are his first journey into the world of sculpting.
Originally, they were conceived inside the artist studio's spray paint fumes, as he was searching for an alchemy between the female body's curves and the cold technicality of the aerosol can. As time went by, they became fantastical hybrids, creatures haunted by senseless fantasies, expelling their iridescent erotic tensions through a megaphone.
The first edition coming in 2 colorways (pink and black), will be available on on February 26th at 6pm CET via his shop. Releasing in a limited edition of only 25 pieces of each color, these resin figures are 100% handmade by the artist and are coming handpainted, signed and accompanied by certificate of authenticity.
Check out the promotional video about this release after the jump, along with some detail photos of these figures, and come back some for more news about street art related releases.

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