Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sign this petition to save Fin DAC's West London Mural

If sections of the street art community are thinking that it’s all becoming a bit too gentrified, heres a story that shows that, in certain parts/areas at least, the attitude towards street art haven’t changed all that much…
Westminster Council in West London are trying to get Fin DAC’s recent ‘Splash 2’ mural removed from a wall in Maida Vale on the grounds that it’s ‘advertising’.

In spite of the fact that, the consensus in the West London Borough is that the mural has had a positive impact upon both the building and the corner of Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road where it resides, the council are still insistent that planning permission should have been applied for by the owners of the wall. And the fact that they didn’t means it’s against regulations and has to be removed.

The issue has caught the attention of a couple of London newspapers and stories have been published both in print and online asking 'what is Westminster Council thinking?’.

Day True Interiors (the owners of the wall) have now set up an online petition to ‘Save the Maidens of Maida Vale’ which has even been signed by local politicians citing that ‘the mural is an asset to the area and should be protected at all costs'.

If you want to voice your opinion and sign your name, the petition can be found here

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