Sunday, November 30, 2014

Phlegm creates a new piece in the woods around Sheffield

Few weeks after being back from his last round the world trip and finalizing his upcoming DIY limited edition etching release, Phlegm visited his hometown. Along with seeing the friends and family, London-based artist enjoyined the walks in the nature, but also used the opportunity to create some new unique work.
The Green Man piece was painted the other day on an abandoned farm house next to the upper parts of Limb Brook in Ringinglow. Following the style and anatomy of his signature characters, this creature is constructed of leaves and ground-creeping woody plants is rising up from the ground. Painted on this lonely brick wall in the middle of moss and lichen covered setting, it looks like a misplaced or lost part of one of Phlegm's complex street pieces.
Check out more photos of this special little piece after the jump and come back soon for more street, and not necessary only street art related news.

Photos by Ladoza and Phlegm

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