Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Icy & Sot create a new Memorial Mural at The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn, NYC

Iranian artists Icy & Sot have created a new mural at The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn New York to memorialize the loss of three of their friends who were shot and killed last year during a tragic murder suicide.
Anyone in NYC who was part of the urban art or indie rock club scene remember the tragic events of last year.  I personally remember seeing hundreds of people lighting candles at the vigil on N 6th St. in Williamsburg Brooklyn outside the club that Soroush, Arash, and Ali's band The Yellow Dogs frequently performed at.
Icy & Sot describe their feelings about the mural very quaintly:

"In memory of our beloved friends, miss you guys so much, your beautiful memories are always with us"
 If you have a chance to head over to The Bushwick Collective do yourself a favor and check out the memorial mural.  Icy & Sot always create amazing pieces, but this one has a special passion attached to it that can only be experienced in person.

For those not familiar with with the events of last year please take a look at these links:



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