Friday, November 21, 2014

Video: Adrian Sonni Vs. David Bowie's "Sonni Stardust"

A year in the making, multimedia street artist Sonni releases his “Sonni Stardust” video. For Sonni the idea of the video was a natural occurrence.  “When you are painting, you are playing music and music is always inspiration and it influences everything you do.  Music is the storyline for life and art.” - Sonni.

Sonni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied graphic design and worked as an Art Director for animation and film companies.  Sonni dropped his lucrative career in animation to focus on his passion for his own art.  

Sonni was given the opportunity to come to the States and for Sonni the only possible place to live was New York, because, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” 
In his art, he is constantly searching for that lost moment in adolescence where adventure makes dreams a reality, where the imagination and playing develop invisible forces to re-capture those lost memories from your childhood. 

Sonni works with different mediums that include paper and pencil, illustrator, acrylic on canvas, and wooden sculptures. Yet, his passion is to paint murals in public spaces, finding that dialogue with the public through primary colors and playfulness!

Sonni Explains his motivation for making the video:

"Ohh I just love David Bowie's music.  We were already going to do a video of me painting, but I decided I wanted to do something more magical... You know music is always an insperation when you are working, especially when you are isolated painting".

I think we all can agree that Sonni has achieved something more magical than a simple video of himself painting.  Sonni Stardust is a perfect example of how street art can crossover into different mediums.
Author: Matthew A. Eller 
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2014 
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