Friday, September 26, 2014

Stikki Peaches - Art Opening - "Hot Mess" - New York City, NY

The elusive Canadian street artist Stikki Peaches invaded lower Manhattan last night with his firs solo show in New York City entitled "Hot Mess".  Presented by Montreal's Station 16 Gallery this one man show included an array of originals, prints, and hand finished found objects that did not disappoint.

Stikki Peaches style can best be described as cut and paste collage work using an array of colors to create pop culture mosaics.

Stikki describes himself as:

"Lightly buttered with a satirical twist, yet salted with sarcasm, each piece makes you want to stop, analyze, question and hopefully leaves you with a smile... What if art ruled the world?"

I was first introduced to Stikki's work earlier this year when he pasted up some amazing pieces in my neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn. After sending Stikki some photo's of his work I had the pleasure of interviewing him.  Once again this past week Stikki took back a bunch of his old walls in Williamsburg recreating his classic "Fugetaboutit", and introducing NYC to some new works.
Just like Stikki's intricate street pieces (which you should check out before they are picked apart by drunk pedestrians this weekend) his gallery work contains the same sophisticated playfulness he is known for.
Along with original canvases and mixed media pieces a small edition of two prints are available for purchase.  "Mr. T(roe)" is only available at the gallery and is selling fast at $225.00.  Each print is screen printed on brown kraft paper.  They look amazing in person!
"Kiss Daddy" is available at the show and online as a set of four for $500.
Stikki's show is running until Monday at 345 Broome St., New York, NY.  If your in the NYC area make sure to get down there this weekend and enjoy some Canadian street art EH!

Author: Matthew A. Eller
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2014

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