Sunday, July 20, 2014

Video: Ludo "The Chaos Theory"

Ludo recently released this short video showing his day in the studio. Shot by Gavin Elder, notorious for his collaboration with numerous artists such as David Lynch, video is showing artist's preparation of the upcoming solo show at The Outsiders London.

After selling out his last solo show in NYC, and putting up works everywhere from France to Thailand or Japan, French artist is ready to introduce his work to London audience. As seen in the video, the show will feature some new large graphite pieces, but surely the prolific young artist will prepare some special works for the occasion. Mutant insects, animals and plants, enhanced men made, often army and aggression related objects, are commenting on the ways humans modify and abuse nature. His black and white works with bright green accents become his recognizable signature, and are working great as street pasters, graphite works, or even sculptures. Along with presenting new works, Ludo will be premiering an exclusive video shot during his recent trip to Asia.

I don't remember how was yesterday
we all live in a chaos
my life is a chaos
the delicateness of my foundations fulfilled me 
like a butterfly
I don't remember if I'll still breath tomorrow
- Ludo

The Chaos Theory will be opening on October 9th @ The Outsiders London - Lazarides, so stay tuned for more news about preparations for this show.

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