Monday, July 28, 2014

Daan Botlek New Mural - Brückmühle, Germany

Dutch artist Daan Botlek recently visited Brückmühle a small village south of Berlin, just south of Oranienbaum, where he painted this unique mural. Known for finding unusual spots and walls to paint on, this particular piece was created on an old farm there.
Using minimalist color palette consisting of white, black and blue accents, the artist once again proved his great ability to play with depth and perspective. By witty usage of blue accents and dotted shape effect, his simple silhouette characters are working around huge boulders, tying them with ropes, submerging them in ice-like cubes and other objects. Defying gravity and other rules of physics, the entire piece has a mind puzzling effect. Juxtapozed against the old brick wall these bright and clean characters are almost floating above the surface, giving the mural even more striking effect.
Check out more photos after the jump and stay tuned for more news from Daan Botlek.

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