Sunday, June 01, 2014

Video: Axel Void For Mission To Art And Street Alps - Italy

Axel Void recently stopped by Italy where he worked on a new mural for Mission To Art and Street Alps. The good lads at Street Alps worked on this work in progress video which was just released.

This mural is based on a detail from a portrait photo of the Italian Partisans in 1944. The partisans were a resisntance group to the Fascist Regime and the Nazi Militari Occupation. Pinerolo was crucial for the Partisans resistence, based on the Alps. In the mural we can see the portrait of Laura and Fiorenzo Blanc, siblings that took part in this resistance at an early age. Laura worked in an RIV Factory close to the location of this mural, that also produced bearings for the German army. In this same year she took part in an action to steal the money from the factory to finance the resistance.
It is now 70 years from the death of Fiorenzo, who died in the same location where this photo was taken. -- Axel Void

Click play to see the video and then check out the StreetArtNews Store for exclusive Axel Void art goods including a Limited Edition Print.

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