Monday, May 12, 2014

2501 New Mural For ALTrove Festival - Catanzaro, Italy

Italian artist 2501 recently spent some time in Catanzaro in Southern Italy where he created this large mural for the local ALTrove Festival.
Using only his signature line work, painting organic looking black lines on white background, he "dressed up" this large building into his artwork.The name of the mural is "Passing Through" and it is another part of his big ongoing series of "Nomadic Experiment" works that he's been creating outdoors as well as collecting parts for a series of gallery shows. The first of these shows is scheduled at the end of June @ Soze gallery in Los Angeles, and will continue with other 4 gallery shows he got planned.
Check out the video about the mural after the jump and check back for more info on 2501's Nomadic Experiment project.

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