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Stikki Peaches - Interview & "BatBond", ''Fugetaboutit'', & more - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC

Stikki Peaches is one of Canada's (Montreal to be exact) standout up and coming street artists.  

Recently Stikki visited NYC and pasted some of the most interesting pieces I saw during the Armory Arts week... So I hunted him down and asked him about art, NYC, & Ketchup chips.  

Stikki in particular discusses three of his pieces scattered around Williamsburg Brooklyn.  Notice the attention to small detail Stikki uses to create mosaics with stickers and flyers pasted within each piece.  Additionally, his attentiveness to each tiny facet in the Vader & Storm Trooper masks elevates his work from a simple paste up to a true piece of urban art.

If you live in NYC or are going to be in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Stikki also had a bunch of pieces in Soho as well) they are a must see.  You can get in line behind the tourists taking photos of themselves deep in conversation with Darth Vader ; )


What is the origin of “Stikki Peaches”? 

A familiar question, with an even more familiar answer, ''Origins Unknown'' :) It's actually something a little more on the personal side that i wish to keep to myself and the few that do know. 

How long have you been in the street art game? 

Going on year 5 now

Can you give me some background about the two pieces? 

There was actually 7 pieces scattered around town, from Bushwick, to Soho, and Williamsburg. The BatBond and the ''Fugetaboutit'' Star Wars fellas are some of my earliest pieces. They keep evolving into different styles and looks as i experiment with them. 

The star wars piece has some amazing detail (like the flyers used to create the pants), how long did it take to plan, & execute? 

These pieces are always a work in progress. I'll set them up in the studio, work them, forget them for a couple of days, work on other projects, re-visit them, adding, removing, re-working. So they may take a few days, sometimes a few weeks. There's a lot of hand drawn details to them as well, and with each city or country i visit, i try to add references from there as a little tribute. Sometimes, they just may be personal references. all in all, they do take some time to put together. Pasting these giants at street level is the fun part. I just gotta scout the right area.

Your batman piece is in some good company (below the Cost posters), was this planned or a coincidence?  Who was there first? 

The Cost and Invader pieces were definitely there first. For the Batbond piece i usually like to scout out places that are either doors, framed or boarded up locations. Its always a perfect fit. Of course being in good company always makes for a better photo opp. 

Star Wars or Batman… can you pick a favorite?? 

Nah, they are both childhood favorites. That's like picking between Nutella or Peanut butter. ( Also my personal favs ) 

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

New York has so many great artists. I'm really into Space Candy ( Sheryo ) and The Yok's work these days. Their compositions and color palettes really stand out to me, and their work on found objects are so proper. I'm a big fan. 

How long were you in NYC? 

Not long, a few days. Felt like i was back home in Montreal for how cold it was. Not your typical NYC weather. Of course after i left it was sunny blue skies and spring like weather.  

Did you have any classic NY moments? 

Visiting NYC is always classic. It's a great time. Got to visit some old friends, and ate at some of my favourite spots. Being able to do some work there is a blessing. Its a special place for me. 

Was this your first time in NYC for the Armory Show? 

I actually didn't visit any of the shows happening that week. I had work to finalize back home. So I did my thing while there and was off before Armory started. 

Did you spend much time in Williamsburg Brooklyn?  Did any street art pieces catch your eye? 

Yes, i love Williamsburg. Got to see some great pieces around the area by Icy & Sot, Swampy of a rooftop, How & Nosm, and Roa. To name a few. 

Can we expect some more of your pieces in NYC soon? 

Absolutely, I'll be back sooner than later. 

How does the Montreal art scene compare to NYC? 

It's definitely not as big, but we have some really great artists doing great things all over the city. The Lndmrk boys who put together Montreal's first ever Mural Festival last summer are working hard for the art community bringing down some big names and raising awareness, putting Montreal on the map in many ways. Be sure to follow their second edition of the festival this summer. 

Who else should we be looking out for from the Montreal scene? 

WIA ( What Is Adam ) a good buddy and partner in crime while on the streets, MissMe - She packs a solid punch, and The EnMasse collective which i'm sure you've heard of. 

What should we expect from Stikki Peaches in the rest of 2014? 

2014 has just begun, and well i've got a few great projects lined up which are in their planing stages. Lots of travels as well. Looking forward to a great year ahead. 

Anything else you want to plug?? 

A big thank you to the Dega boys film crew out in Brooklyn who are always up for a good time when i'm there, my gallery representatives in Montreal, Station16 & Le Royer for all the patience and support. I'd like to thank God for my blessings and....oh no, I hear the music starting to play, which must mean my time is up.  

Will you bring me a bag of ketchup chips next time your visit NYC ; ) 

Chips? Really? I'll do you one better, an authentic, greasy, gravy and cheese covered poutine. Sounds good eh?! ;)


Author: Matthew A. Eller
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2014

Twitter: @ellerlawfirm


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