Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sr. X & Id-iom New Street Piece - London, UK

New Street Art Piece by Sr. X & Id-iom on the streets of London, UK 1

SAN caught up with Id-iom and London based Spanish artist Sr.x After knocking a few ideas round between them; they settled on the idea of a stare off using the same image of a rather angry man as their starting point and seeing where they would end up each doing it in their own style. Id-iom used their signature style with the aids of stencils then filling out the cheeks.
Meanwhile, Sr. X was adding his signature paint splashes that give a certain motion to his part of the gate. At the end LED’s were added to the eyes to give the “laser stare effect” to the piece. This piece was organised by Global Street Art

Pictures and article by monoprixx for Street Art News

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