Monday, February 03, 2014

Borondo "Narcissus" New Mural - East London, UK

"Narcissus" a new street art mural by Spanish painter Borondo in East London, UK. 1

After his collaboration with JAZ a few weeks ago (covered), Borondo is still in London where he just finished working on this amazing piece.
Entitled "Narcissus" and painting upside-down, the young Spanish painter used the water's reflection to bring a new dimension to this portrait. The face seems to be moving along the water's flow. Simply Breathtaking.
Borondo is definitely proving to be one of the most exciting artist within the Street Art scene. This piece was made possible with the help of RexRomae.
Make sure to take a peek at more images by Fabiano Caputo after the break and then stay tuned with your friends at Street Art News for more exclusive updates.

Via RexRomae

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