Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Gaia "il piccone demolitore e risanatore" New Mural - Rome, Italy

New Street Art Mural By American Urban Artist On The Streets Of Rome, Italy 1

Inspiredd by Girgio De Chirico, this huge wallpainting by Gaia represents the relationship between identity and function in the building process of the city. A figure from Foro Italico sits in the foreground adjacent to a bunch of rotting bananas and "The Cloud" designed by Fuksas currently under construction in EUR.
In the background is a portion of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana and MACRO combined extending towards the horizon and an erased monument handling a pickaxe facing a horse.
Take a look at more images by the Blind Eye Factory after the break and then check back with us shortly for more updates from Gaia.

Curated by 999Contemporary Supported by OIKOS, ENI, Pescerosso, Municipio Roma VIII Supervision: Gianluca Marziani Project Management: Francesca Mezzano Public Management: Dario Marcucci Photo: The Bilnd Eye Factory

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