Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Banksy New Street Piece For Better Out Than In - Lower East Side, NYC

Banksy just unveiled his newest piece in New York City for his Better Out Than In Street Show.
Located somewhere in Lower East Side, the elusive British artist dropped an intense and complex piece depicting some horses wearing night vision googles along with warplanes, crosshairs, and a couple of scared civilians.
Take a look at some more images and the audio guide after the break and then check back with us shortly for the exact location and more pictures.

Update 1 (11.30AM NYC) : Piece is located on 159 Ludlow St
Update 2 ( 11.45AM NYC) : New Pictures Added after the break - Audio used was taken from the “Collateral Murder” footage recently leaked by Chelsea Manning.

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  1. The audio is from the leaked video of a shooting in Iraq.