Monday, October 14, 2013

Banksy "Eternity" New Street Piece For "Better Out Than In" - Queens

"Eternity" New Banksy Piece Uncovered Early For "Better Out Than In" In New York City. 1

Banksy just revealed his new piece for Better Out Than In which is located somewhere in Queens.
Spotted early this morning by Heidi Trenholm, she says:
"I saw a man wearing construction gear loading something into a rental truck as I was walking to the train, which I thought was a little odd because there wasn't any construction going on there. I looked at the wall and immediately recognized it, so I looked at the driver and he was a middle aged white man wearing glasses. He smiled and nodded and drove away pretty quickly." -Heidi Trenholm
As usual with the British artist, he dropped some of his signature imagery which reads "What we do in life echoes in Eternity". The pink text being washed away by a stenciled cleaning man.
Make sure to check out some more pics by Nic Garcia after the break and then check back with us tomorrow for a new piece by Banksy.

Update 1: 10.20 NYC - Piece has been confirmed by Banksy on his website, check back with us shortly for more pictures. Piece is located on 69th Street and 39th Avenue

"Eternity" Probably New Banksy Piece Uncovered Early For "Better Out Than In" In New York City. 1


  1. some of my shots

  2. Typical, Remember the 5K Speaker Blasting out Drilling, Whilst The Teddy Bear was Screened off, (Stokes Croft-Bristol)