Saturday, October 12, 2013

Banksy "Concrete Confessional" New Piece For "Better Out Than In" - Manhattan

Day 12 of "Better Out Than In" is here and Banksy just unveiled a new piece entitled "Concrete Confessional".
Located somewhere in Manhattan, this new stencil shows a priest waiting for penitents in his Urban Confessional. However, the usual grid or lattice found in Churches is missing.
Check out an extra angle after the break and keep your eyes peeled on SAN for extra pictures and exact location in a few minutes.

Update 1 (11.20AM NYC) Piece is located on East 7th Street and Cooper Square ( extra shots added after the break)

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  1. This piece was still there on Thursday, but as of tonight that entire concrete block is gone. However, the one to the left of it has "Free Cooper The Musical" on the back.