Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pixel Pancho "Rusted Mickey" Limited Edition T-Shirt - Available Now

Pixel Pancho "Rusted Mickey" 24 Hours Limited Edition Screen-printed T-Shirt On Sale Info 1

For the first time ever, StreetArtNews are producing a unique time-limited edition screen-printed t-shirt in collaboration with famed Italian Street Artist Pixel Pancho. Produced by hand at our lab in Italy, these T-shirts are one of a kind and are sporting one of Pixel Pancho's iconic images, "Rusted Mickey".

How it works:
1. Visit the StreetArtNews store any time between 4pm Friday 20th September and 4pm Saturday 21st September to purchase your limited edition t-shirt for £29 each.
2. Select your size and whether you would like the male or female cut t-shirt. Check out the size guide for help.
3. Ensure you confirm your order by 4pm Saturday 21st September as only orders received by this time will be printed. After this point, no other orders will be taken, and there will be no further opportunity to buy - this is a one-time-only print run with no stock held! The final edition size will be announced after ordering has closed.
4. Wait for your special edition t-shirt to arrive!

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1 comment:

  1. It is a fantastic model of the T-shirt which can wear male and female. I have liked the T-shits and i will buy double t-shirt for me and for my girl friend.